zondag 26 februari 2017

We are One Family πŸ’“ (ENG)

The conference of PARE (People with Arthritis) in Lisbon is coming to an end.  
Again I’m so impressed by the powerful energy we create by working together 🀝. Putting our hands together to improve the world to a better place for people with RMDs, improving the quality of life for people with rheumatic diseases.

It has been more difficult for me this time. The fog in my brain didn’t go away and I felt a lot of pain in my body and in my head. I was fighting against something that was too strong for me. It was confronting me with my sick body, with my limitations. But anyhow I’ve made the best of it πŸ‘.  I took some steps backward so that I was able to take a step forward again.

You know, even though I am here without my family and friends, I felt so much support here. I felt that encouragement and understanding create miracles. And that hugging reliefs the pain.
We, "patient-friends" from all over Europe and even the US, we support each other when the going gets tough, we encourage each other so that we can move forward, together as a team. We too are family πŸ‘«πŸ‘«.

I’m so grateful that I could attend to this PARE conference here in Lisbon 😍.
'Individually we are one drop, 
together we are a mighty ocean' 
That’s the spirit!

I’m grateful for all the support of my family and friends, at home and here at this conference. Love you all ❤️.

Now it is time to fly home ✈️ and to implement our campaign: 
Don’t delay, connect today!
The importance of an early diagnosis and the access to care.

Let’s do this!

I will write more about this conference πŸ˜‰, but first I have to reload my batteries πŸ”‹.

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